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Home office fitout Perth.


Discount, affordable new home office fitouts Perth wide are on offer during the 2020 Covid crisis. The Perth Partition Company is helping home office workers with discounts for home office improvements Perth wide. We’re helping Perth office staff transition from working at their company office to working at their professional looking home office in Perth.

Home office improvements start with innovative Perth home office designs. You can choose from our augmented reality (AR) fly through visual design options. These interior home office designs show what your Perth home office could look like after a new home office fitout.


Below are a number of reasons why Perth businesses need to look after their valued employees working from their home office. A bedroom or kitchen is a poor substitute for a productive office environment, conducive for productive work.

  1. Working from a home office needs to feel like a place of work away from domestic distractions. A lightweight, low priced demountable partition wall, with maybe a glass door might be all that is needed to turn a big unused room at home into two offices. The rest of your home can still look homely while your home office looks and works like your office in the Perth CBD.
  2. Minimal home disruption and quick installation. Computer cable conduits and electrical power cables are fitted in prefabricated partition walls and workstations at our Perth factory. This makes for fast home office fitouts, less noise and less dust which we clean up.
    A big range of colours and materials to choose from to match the interior of your home.
  3. Home offices needs to look like a professional place of work, ESPECIALLY if clients are coming to meet there in person or meet you in your home office online. Your home office needs to look like a place of business, smart work and productivity.
  4. A home office investment by a Perth business shows that the Perth business truly values key employees. They already trust staff working from home. When trust is given it is usually rewarded. Bonuses are usually gratefully rewarded. When a Perth business rewards staff with a new home office fitout, staff feel valued and motivated. Better than a lavish, Covid transmitting, Christmas party and longer-lasting too.
Factory direct office fitout prices Perth
Low priced, Perth factory direct, prefabricated partition walls for a home office fitout, loaded in Wembley.

Funding a New Home Office Fitout in Perth

Further, financial reasons for investing in a new home office fitout Perth wide include:

  1. Unlike permanent walls etc, demountable office partitions and other home office fitout products such as work stations and services in Perth are fully tax-deductible.
  2. If fully funding a home office fitout in Perth is beyond the budget of businesses struggling during this pandemic crisis, then part-funding this investment in home offices could be discussed with employees’ salary sacrificing options.
  3. Discuss with Dave, phone number 0428 978 540 low-cost home office fitout options and home office fitout price quotes:
    1. Low price home office design Perth options.
    2. Low price home office fit-out materials.
    3. Discount home office fitout prices in Perth during the Covid-19 pandemic economic crisis.
Work From Home Office Perth

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