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Glass sneeze protection screens Perth.

Perth Made Acrylic/Glass Sneeze Protection Screens Installation Service

Affordable transparent hygienic social screens designed/made/installed quickly in your Perth office and or reception counters reduce the risk of your employees getting sneezed or coughed on by sick people with the Covid virus. Our custom designed modular acrylic or glass office shields are designed to fit in with your existing office setup. Our clear screens are made in Perth and clamped to your existing office furniture or to new office fixtures that we can install. Infection control is not just term limited to hospitals and medical clinics. Employers have a duty of care to play their part by implementing infection control measures like cough/sneeze screens.

These office fit out products are custom made of clear glass or acrylic to fit your desk, workstation, reception counter or low office partition. These clear office barriers stop direct, spit from people who speak with a slobbering mouth, sneeze and cough droplets.

Clear Glass or Acrylic Screen Protection Sneeze & Cough Guard Specifications

  • Screens are made in Perth to fit your office partition/benchtop/cubicle/workstation
  • Custom designed clear screens.
  • Made off site in Perth to fit quickly in your office or reception counter.
  • Western Australia wide shipping.

What is The Cost of Clear Acrylic or Glass Sneeze Guards in Perth?

The cost of clear acrylic or glass sneeze guards/screens depends on:

  • The size of the sneeze screen
  • Thickness of glass or acrylic screens.
  • The shape of the sneeze guard
  • Difficulty of sneeze barrier installation
  • Location of office in Perth or beyond in Western Australia. If you’re a handy person we can ship your perspex sneeze screen to you in Western Australia with installation instructions.
New affordable sneeze protection screens installation service for Perth offices.

Phone Perth Office Fitouts for a price quote for clear acrylic or glass office sneeze protection barrier screens installation service 2024 prices.

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