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Why Our Local Perth Office Fitout Services?

Our Perth Office Fitout business services do the best new office fit-outs Perth/WA wide at affordable prices in 2024 because:

  1. Our range of office interior designs in Perth is innovative. You can select fly-through office designs from augmented reality (AR) views. You’ll see what your Perth office improvement would look like after fitting out by our experienced Perth shopfitters and office fitters.
  2. Our office fitouts prices fit Perth start-up office budgets.
  3. Modular shop and office fit-out prefabricated construction offsite minimises disruption to your office workplace.
  4. We do a fast installation of new, affordable office partitions and office workstations.
  5. Our office fit-outs Perth wide are fully tax-deductible for all commercial office fitouts in Perth Western Australia.
  6. If your shop or office is not in Perth, our flat pack, prefabricated office fit-out materials are easily shipped and assembled Australia wide.
  7. We are a local Perth family-owned and managed business with decades of office fit out work experience.
  8. All our prefabricated fit-out work is made in Perth with as much locally sourced Western Australian raw materials to support WA sub-contractors and skilled employees. We are least impacted by international supply chain price rises of 2024.

Get your Perth office fitted out with high-class executive office fittings by calling office manager Dave’s phone number 0428 978 540 today.


Perth office managers and business owners kneed to know why the cost of Perth office fitouts is rising in 2024 and how to reduce costs. Costs depends on a number of variable cost factors such as the materials used in office fitouts, eg wood, fabric or glass/aluminium partitions, the available supply of materials, and the quality/amount of materials used in an office fitout. The complexity of office furniture such as benches and workstations. If you want interior walls demolished before being replaced with new full-height office partitions then that’s an extra cost. Contact us for an affordable Perth office fitout price quote.



Contact our local Perth Office Fitout Company experts for your 2024:

The Perth Partition Company sells commercial office fitout services at affordable sale prices. We also sell office fitout flat packs to supply office fitout companies Australia wide. Get factory-direct prices on DIY, prefabricated flat packs and demountable office partitioning. Buy directly at low prices and fit yourself!

Our lightweight office partitions are prefabricated in Perth Western Australia. Gear is easy to move or demount without leaving marks! Since office partitions aren’t a permanent part of the office, our partitions can be packed up and moved when you want to move offices. Our office partitions make it easy to rearrange your office interior configuration without leaving any marks or mess. Our flexible office interior configuration integrates with your Perth office fit out project as a low-cost system. Tax-deductible prices make for compelling purchases on tax-deductible office investments that make your office exude professionalism and class.

Interior Office Design Perth

  • We’re not waiting on international supply chains of cheap, low-quality office material suppliers. Our Perth office fitout projects get done quickly. We ARE the supply chain! We are innovative local Perth office interior designers and local Perth manufacturers of office fitout systems.
  • Would you like a customised Perth office design? Perth’s best office layout designer is at your service for Perth’s best office interior design improvement ideas and implementation.
  • Our local manufacturing is done off-site (probably just a few km near your Perth office). This means you can work right up to the day of the new outfitting of your office installation. Once your new office partitioning panels go up, there’s no painting or sanding! No dust.
  • Metal, fabrics, and other materials go in.  Acoustically rated offices come out. Vertical integration means no compromises and cuts out the middleman. Your office fit-out cost saving is passed directly to your business.
  • Thanks to our proprietary office workstations, lightweight office partition system design and manufacturing in Perth, offices can be reconfigured as your company office changes size. All this without leaving trace marks on old office layouts.

New Office Fitouts in Perth

For new Office fit out in Perth. See our latest 2024 new office improvement projects in Perth WA.

Perth real estate agency reception area office fitout
New affordable office fit-out Perth.


John Fogarty, BE Media

Perth Office Fitouts Company did a fantastic office upgrade job on our Cottesloe office. They delivered a superior new office fit out system. Our office fitout was finished well and fitted perfectly with our office. We were so happy with our Cottesloe office that we had fitters work on our West Perth office. They did another great fit-out job. Highly recommend this Perth office fitout company to kit out your office.

Buckby Contracting

Buckby Contracting enlisted the Perth Partition Company to design, build and install a brand-new office fitout. They rebuilt our office to specification in Perth. Being an earthworks company, Stuart Buckby needed to have a huge yard for machinery storage and also an office. Our workstation area conveys class, clean lines and a very corporate office feel to any visitors and clients that walk through our doors.

Advanced sound insulation methods were used on top of the normal acoustic remedies usually undertaken in office fit-outs. This included beefed-up batt ratings in the walls, pinboard in the open plan areas as it is a more porous board to drag out the sound. All glass was laminated giving the glass a further acoustic quality.

All doors that were put into the office fit-out were our own signature series for aluminium glazed doors with Lockwood hardware to stand the test of time.

A catchy edgy fit out colour scheme was thrown in to keep the corporate office in Perth WA feel really strong.

This commercial office development project was over a year in the making.  Once we were handed the office keys, it was just over 3 weeks from start to finish for our fast office fitout.

Office Fitout Business 2024 Perth News

Get the latest office fit-out company business Perth news. See the latest in Perth office design innovations. Outfitting ideas for home office fitouts Perth became popular during Covid-19 restrictions. Need more perspex/acrylic (Plexiglass) to act as a 1.5-metre social distance sneeze/cough barrier between people in your office or reception counter?  Equip your Perth office with the latest functional, safe office gear that’s provided to arm your office for efficient and hygienically safer operations.

Office fitout Perth

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