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Glass Office Partion Walls Perth


Give your office makeover that professional look with affordable, attractive, new, custom-made, office partitions in Perth Western Australia. Lightweight office partitions are good for:

  • easily changing office layout configurations
  • improving work environments
  • adding privacy if needed.

Our new custom-designed partitions to fit your Perth office layout and style are made off-site for minimal disruption on the day of your office partition installation service.

Impress clients from the moment they walk into your Perth office. The Perth Partition Company pays attention to detail. You’ll get attentive customer service and advice about partition adjustment and partition modifications to your new Perth office partitions.   Our Perth office partitions are:

  1. fully tax-deductible. (Partitions are. Walls are not)
  2. innovatively designed partitions to your office specifications
  3. lightweight movable partitions without leaving marks
  4. partitions built offsite in Perth
  5. our partitions are installed with minimal office disruption
  6. installed on time
  7. within budget
  8. we can flat-pack partitions in Perth and send them from our Perth partitions showroom at Wembley or partition construction facility in Kenwick to country Western Australia.

The advantage benefit of affordably priced office screens in Perth is that they give employees a privacy barrier in the office when they want yet are still easily connected with the team.

How Much Do Office Partitions in Perth Cost?

Prices of office partitions in Perth vary depending on the:

  • amount of partition materials used,
  • type of partition materials used and
  • distance in Western Australia to transport prefabricated office partitions from our Perth Partition Company design and construction facility in Wembley, Perth WA, near the corner of Selby Street and Herdsman Parade.

Phone Dave’s phone number: 08 6460 7332 for a free office partition Perth-wide measure and price quote at your office, school or shop. The Perth Partition Company designers will come up with internal office designs for your Perth office. You choose the office partition design in Perth you like best from a selection/combination of materials, colours and textures.


Combinations of the types of materials used to make office partitions, partition pricing and the size/shape of office partitions make for a wide range of office partition buying options and installation services in Perth. Some of our popular office partition types are described in the information below. 

Aluminium framed glass partitions

Affordable MDF partitions are covered with attractive, sound-reducing fabric.

Combinations of the above types of new-style office partitions made in Perth

Glass office partition Perth
A tax-deductible, moveable, glass office partition in Perth that looks like a glass wall inside a Perth office.

Which Partition is Best for Offices?

Making the decision to invest in office partitions is one that requires careful consideration. Depending on your needs and budget, selecting the best partition for offices can be a daunting task. In Perth, there are many reputable businesses that offer quality partitioning solutions to suit any workplace.

Whether you’re looking for cost-effective room dividers or something more substantial such as walled cubicles or moveable walls, it’s important to consider all options before making your final selection. Here’s what you need to know when deciding which partition is best for offices in Perth:

  1. Budget – As prices vary significantly between different types of partitions, it’s important to establish your budget beforehand so that you don’t end up overspending on office partitions.
  2. The type of partition. For example Solid soundproof partitions, glass partitions – transparent or translucent, half-height, combination of lower solid material and upper glass portion with an aluminium frame. Office partitions with a lot of cabling and terminal sockets are built right into your office partition.
  3. The number of partitions.
  4. The ease or difficulty of office partition installation in high-rise Perth office buildings including access to nearby loading zones.
  5. If office walls need demolition to make way for new office partitions then the demolition costs would be an extra price for your Perth office renovation.
New office partitions Perth.

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