Trending Innovative Office Fitouts

Trending Office Fitouts

As the demand for office workspace continues to grow and the way in which people work evolves, the office fit-out market is growing with many key trends emerging with the sector. Yes, many distinct trends are emerging with a marked shift towards denser, more flexible office spaces, and an emphasis on employees’ well-being and sustainability.

If you are looking for a new office or recently moved, try embracing some of the following office fitouts Perth WA trends.

Dynamic workplace

Dynamic workstation helps in creating a more flexible workplace catering to employee’s daily activities. Using the concept of a dynamic workplace, traditional conference rooms which are rarely used can be changed to smaller breakout rooms for collaborative working or private spaces for individual concentration, thus ensures that workplace is efficiently and effectively used. For today’s business, these types of business spaces are a practical and affordable solution.

Intelligent workplace

With generation Z entering the workplace, technology will take centre stage. Yes, the technological advancements of the 21st century launched corporate companies to new heights of productivity. If you wish to increase productivity and efficiency in your office, embracing technology is the way to go. Wireless charging and collaborative cloud workstations are designed to increase productivity, and it is essential to embrace and utilise them.

Colour trends

Recent research has proved that colours consciously and subconsciously impact people’s mood and energy. While pastel and soft colours are soothing, bright and saturated colours are stimulating. Rich earthy tones like brown and red colours are trending and are balanced with subtle shades of soft leathers and cool greys. Bold patterns and shapes are also trending now.

Moreover, lovely bright colours are going to be one of the major trends in 2019. So choose when choosing the colour palette for your office, spend more time to plan out the environment you would like your workforce to be in, and more importantly, choose the colours that give an eclectic look that keeps your staff happy and impress potential clients and customers.

Plant matters

It is scientifically proven that plants make people happy and help in improving concentration. So incorporate biophilic elements into your Perth office fitouts designs. The rooftop garden, water features, and living wall are some of the trending office designs. Even if you have small spaces, you can be benefited from wooden wall dividers and a thoughtful selection of plants. They do not require much maintenance but are welcoming and colourful.

Density and flexibility

In most of the major cities, urban space is at a higher premium than ever before. So you can see a shift towards a denser workplace. Both developers and clients want to maximise the use of space. The trend towards activity-based working and hot-desking is prevailing in recent plans for commercial office fitouts in Perth.

The ABW concept provides freedom of choice in when, how, and where people work, recognises that people need a variety of work settings to help them be more engaged and effective.

Trending Innovative Office Fitouts

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