Perth Office Fit-Out Costs Rise 2024

Office fitout costs Perth.

Businesses in Perth, Western Australia, have long been familiar with the rising costs of office fit-outs. But as we head into 2024, those costs continue to rise, placing more pressure on businesses to find affordable solutions to the ever-present problem of office relocation to Perth and refitting. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the factors contributing to these rising costs and offer insights into how businesses can mitigate the impact of these trends.

The primary driver of rising office fit-out costs in Perth is the increasing cost of materials. This trend has been driven in large part by the global pandemic, which has disrupted supply chains and led to significant increases in the cost of raw materials such as steel, timber, and concrete. In addition, the increased demand for these materials in other industries (such as the construction and infrastructure industries) has only served to exacerbate the issue.

Another contributor to rising costs is the shortage of skilled labour in the industry. The COVID-19 pandemic saw many migrant workers leave the country, leaving a considerable gap in the sector. Consequently, the demand for skilled carpenters, electricians, and other professionals has gone up, placing further strain on the supply chain and driving costs up.

Office fitout Perth
Office fitout Perth

Moreover, the changes in workplace design and safety protocols post-COVID-19 have also played a role in the increase in costs. As companies prioritize the health and well-being of their employees, they are implementing new measures that require additional materials and equipment. For instance, installing air filtration systems, adding partition walls between workstations, and providing teleconferencing equipment, all of which can quickly add to the overall cost of an office fit-out.

While these factors are beyond the control of most businesses, there are some steps that companies can take to mitigate the impact of rising office fitout costs in Perth. One solution is to partner with a professional office fit-out specialist like us, the Perth Office Fitout and Partition company with a reputation for delivering quality solutions at competitive rates. By collaborating with our office fitout experts, businesses can access a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help them design and build office spaces that meet their precise needs while minimizing costs.

Another approach is to consider leasing an office space that has already been fitted out, thus avoiding the need to carry out a full office fit-out. While this option may limit a company’s ability to customize its office fully, it is often more cost-effective than other solutions and can help businesses reduce costs while still providing a comfortable and functional workspace.


The rising cost of office fit-outs in Perth is a significant issue for businesses in the region. As we have seen, several factors contribute to these rising costs, including the increasing cost of materials and labour shortages. However, by partnering with an expert office fit-out specialist in Perth or choosing to lease a fitted-out office space, Perth businesses can still access the office space they need to operate, thrive and grow, without breaking the bank. Contact our team today to learn more about how we can help your business meet its office fit-out needs without incurring excessive costs.

Perth Office Fit-Out Costs Rise 2024

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