Nature Improves Perth Office Environments

Nature in the Office Environment

Green office buildings achieving the Green Star Certification in Western Australia produce 62% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than average Australian buildings? Green buildings provide some of the most effective means to achieve a wide range of global goals including driving economic growth, creating sustainable, environmentaly friendly office buildings, thriving communities, and addressing climate change. Nature improves Perth office environments.

In fact, employees who work in Perth office environments with natural elements found to be 6% more productive and 15% more creative.

So, why not bring nature into your Perth office to create a better environment for your employees? Even if you have great views, most offices are cut off from the outside world entirely, without fresh air or any hint of nature. You have more options if you are revamping or constructing a new office building.

How to bring nature into the office

Natural light

According to a Human Spaces Report, about 30% of EMEA office workers don’t have access to natural light. This shocking stat shows that the natural light and views of the outdoors have a significant impact on employee wellbeing and productivity. Make sure you partner with the office fitouts Perth Company that encourages the importance of natural light. Having a well-lit office space makes the office design much lighter and breezier, and it is also linked to better overall health that helps to enhance the performance at work. To increase natural lighting, introduce more windows and or skylights into the office design and open office floor plans that can keep areas from being shut off from natural light sources.  Glass office partitions Perth can help to maximise the amount of natural light within the office interiors.

Embrace Office Colour

Colours play a vital role in staff wellbeing. Reports show that dull shades of office colours can have a detrimental effect and bright colours had a positive impact on the employees. Choose office colour shades that connect outdoors. Incorporate natural features can help to mimic the outdoors and really does follow the bringing the outdoors indoors principle.

Include plantlife in the office

Perhaps one of the easiest and cost-effective ways to create a Biophilic office space in Perth is to include plantlife in the office as it helps increase oxygen levels and improve concentration levels and decrease mental fatigue.

Utilise outdoor space

If you are fortunate enough to have an outdoor space in your Perth office, use it wisely. Add some comfortable seating and tables so that your employees can work outdoors when the weather is soothing which allows them to work enthusiastically.

Sustainable office building features can promote better health, comfort, and productivity of a building’s occupants. Studies show that including nature into the workplace help enhance the office environment which can reduce levels of absenteeism and increase productivity. There is no doubt that green office buildings bring multiple benefits to both Australian businesses and their office workers.

When you decide your office requires a new office fit out in Perth WA or office workstations in Perth, and you want to make it greener and natural, speak to the specialists.

Nature Improves Perth Office Environments

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