A Guide to Select Colours for Your Office Fitouts

Colours for Your Office Fitouts

Are you planning to give your office a new look with Perth office fitouts? Then you must choose the right colours to create an ambience that you love. But choosing the right combination of colours for your Perth office fitout is not as simple as you think.

Did you know the colours used in your office design can have a significant impact on your employees and your clients who will subconsciously react to their surroundings? Yes, pairing a few complementary shades that look aesthetically pleasing, and boost productivity and general mood, but at the same time, few colours negatively impact on your employees. So, it is essential to select the right colours for commercial office fitouts in Perth that positively impacts your employees.

Here are some colour combinations that help boost your employees productivity.

  • White and Black

With the ability to have a powerful effect on a working environment, the colour black can be quite emotive. Surprisingly, it indicates luxury and elegance, authority or mystery. Connecting this royal black with white will create the impression of spaciousness. This cleanliness and purity colour mix with the dark royal black will make your office look more professional, and luxurious.

  • Yellow and Orange

Warm and bright, both yellow and orange are connected to happiness, optimism and increases mental energy.

Yes, what you heard is right; too much orange can quickly become agitating.  But if you use it wisely by combining with light yellow, it stimulates creativity and innovation, and can encourage greater determination and feelings of success. As orange can be quite eye-catching, you can use it to highlight certain elements in your office fitouts in Perth WA.

  • Red

Red is a high wavelength colour that is known to increase heart rate and blood flow. It’s best to use red in the parts of your office that generally aren’t used for working, such as bathrooms, hallways and kitchens. If your office interior design includes an area for physical activity, you may consider injecting red into this space.

Final Words

Your office design can have a significant impact on the well-being of your employees and workplace productivity levels. With appropriate placement and styling, you can make it possible. Discuss with the office fitout professionals to come up with the right colour choice for your office fit outs. It not only increases the health and happiness of team members but also in turn maximises the performance.

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A Guide to Select Colours for Your Office Fitouts

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